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It is generally said that when you need to sell a product, you need to touch a consumer's heart, make people realize it less as a want but more a need. Good sales is not just about how good your product is but how you sell it. Websites are a major channel, or rather I would say a global channel to reach your consumer in a split second.

A major element to significantly increase your sales is the right color scheme on your website; it's about the right emotive reflection of a virtual environment. Colors can make you feel happy, sad, bright like sunshine or serene like heaven. Each color reflects an emotive quality to it. Today's blog focus is on color palettes inspired from the environment around us.


The above palette is a reflection of deep strong earthy tones along with dramatic reds. It reflects a mood of strong expression of exotic life.


The inspiration for the second palette has a similar theme but extracts a new classification and surrounding. The colors have a sporty, contended & bionetwork feel. It's about new definition & contemporary outlook to ecological system.

The palettes expose two different feelings inspired from the same environment. An exotic feeling (palette 1) and a balanced nature & technology (palette 2), all with the help of color proportion & blue gray tones participation in the 2nd palette.

Go Ahead! Try, play & co-ordinate with the above mentioned palettes & create the perfect exotic or bionetwork environment as your website layouts.

I will upload new explorations and more color themes soon.


This article was written by:


Ruchika Dhamija is a color specialist & helps the design industry pick the right colors for their products. RuchikaShe has a strong inclination towards color & studies it with a multi facet approach with the perspective of the consumer, market & product category. She deals with design sectors like web, paints, automotive, consumer durables & fashion for color & trend forecasting.


  For further details about her please click the following: Ruchika@Linkedin  


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